Lake Josephine Riviera Water Fall 2018 Update

Dear Members,

I would take the opportunity to review Lake Josephine Riviera’s end of year water report presented at the Riviera’s annual meeting.
One common question we receive is why are bills being sent out even when the owner did not go over in their usage? Our purpose in this is so water users can monitor their usage. By receiving a bill monthly, owners can keep an eye on their usage, assuring that they do not exceed their allotment in any one month. A sudden spike in usage can also alert a homeowner to a possible new leak. The goal is for all water users to become more aware of their usage and to promote better water conservation. Owners wanting to eliminate their paper bill also have the option to sign up for e-mailed statements. As a note, billing by water usage is Washington State Department of Health’s number one way a water utility can have an effective conservation program. In the 2017/2018 Fiscal Year, Lake Josephine Riviera pumped 46 million gallons of water and thanks to conservation from the ownership, we pumped 8 million gallons of water less than last year.

We have been diligently working to complete the Comprehensive Water Plan, a document that is required by both Department of Health and Ecology. The plan consists of all the information concerning Lake Josephine Riviera Water: capital budget, operational budget, water system improvement projects, system history, how to meet projected growth, fire flow, and metering are just a few topics it covers. This document is used to show the state agencies how we will maintain safe and reliable drinking water over the next 20 years. Approval of this plan is needed for our members to obtain building permits on their properties. Our last plan was approved for 3 years and with this plan we hope to have approval for a six to ten-year plan.

This year Lake Josephine Riviera had its Sanitary Survey. This review process involves the Department of Health looking at all our facilities, water program records, financials, water use records and overall health of our water system to name a few. I am happy to announce that we received high marks on our system. I want to thank our water staff for all the hard work they put in everyday to help ensure our water is safe and pure, day in and day out.

During the annual meeting I also spoke a little about the highest cost in a water system. It surprises most owners to know it’s the cost of fire flow. Though fire flow is not used often on the island, the cost derives from it being readily available when needed. When it comes to infrastructure, fire flow is the reason for the large storage tanks and the larger water mains plus the additional cost of all the maintenance needed to ensure these all work properly.

We recently replaced the two-inch water main on 110th St. This was the first of many main replacement projects we plan on completing with our in-house staff. Our attempt is to do as much main replacement in-house as possible as this will save money allowing us to hire contractors for the larger main projects that require more personal to accomplish in a timely matter.

The new water building is coming along. We have all design work done other than the storm water system. The goal is to have final submittal for building permits in by the middle of December.

I want to end by reminding all members that if you see unusual activity around any of our water facilities including hydrant or valves in the system please call 253-884-4808. This is an emergency number that will contact water department personnel, so we may respond quickly.

Russ Rodocker
Water Department Manager


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