Why our water is the best

Our goal is to provide our members with economical water service that meets or exceeds all water quality standards while maintaining policies and practices that benefit the health and welfare of the community well into the future.

Award Winning

First place winners of the 2016 American Water Works Association - South Sound Division Best Tasting Water Competition


Tapping into the convenience of pure Washington water through Lake Josephine Riviera costs thousands of times less than bottled water


Lake Josephine Riviera Water is committed to providing consumers with the best tap water possible without chlorine or fluoride

Our Mission

The mission of Lake Josephine Riviera Water is to insure public health and protection of property by providing sufficient quantities of safe and economical water for drinking, domestic use and fire protection.

Water is vital to keeping us alive and healthy. Fortunately, here on Anderson Island, water is easily accessible, safe and delicious to drink right from the tap. From our pristine aquifers deep underground comes tap water that is exceptional in taste.

Russ Rodocker

Russ Rodocker

Department Manager
Josh Kudlacek

Josh Kudlacek

Water Tech III

Billy Garcia

Water Tech II

Bryanne Stenerson