The mission of Lake Josephine Riviera Water is to insure public health and protection of property by providing sufficient quantities of safe and economical water for drinking, domestic use and fire protection.

Our goal is to provide our members with economical water service that meets or exceeds all water quality standards, maintaining policies and practices that benefit the health and welfare of the community well into the future.

It is very important to understand that conserving water is a key way not only to help with showing the Department of Health we are using good stewardship practices with the water we currently have, but also that we will continue that practice with the water rights we hope to obtain in the future. Conservation can also help us in the end game by needing less water rights to build out. Our current water rights are 355.25 acre feet per year (one acre foot = 326,000 gallons). We are currently using around 240 acre feet per year.